72andSunny Amsterdam Made Awesome Waterproof Onesies for Biking in the Rain

If you've ever visited Amsterdam you know that a majority of people bike most places and it rains all the time. For those that have to bike in the rain, it's pretty much guaranteed that no matter what type of rain gear you've got on, you're going to get wet.

How Sockeye Plans to Bring a ‘Little More Portland’ to the World

Specs Who From left: Designer Julian Gese; group account director Shelley Stevens; co-founder, president Andy Fraser; executive creative director Peter Metz; creative director Tim Sproul; executive producer Ryan Crisman

Havas Boondoggle Amsterdam Turns Its Office Into a Crash Pad for Interns

Advertising students and recent graduates who are hungry for a taste of agency experience—but also itching for adventure—can pay for their next trip to Amsterdam with talent and hard work. 

72andSunny Takes a Global Role on Unilever’s Axe

Unilever's existing roster shops on Axe remain in place—including Bartle Bogle Hegarty, Lowe Ponce and R/GA—but newcomer 72andSunny is taking on a significant role.

Fashion Mannequins Fall on Hard Times in Homeless Advocacy Campaign

Mannequins usually symbolize the consumer ideal of the "good life," draped in couture and jewelry in department-store window displays. But now they've fallen on hard times in a JWT stunt meant to raise money for Amsterdam's growing homeless population.

LeBron James for Samsung a Viral Slam Dunk

Even if you aren't paying attention to the NBA playoffs, you probably have an opinion about LeBron James. And, now that the Miami Heat are in the Eastern Conference finals, people are especially riled up on both sides of the bandwagon.

Prankvertising: Are Outrageous Marketing Stunts Worth the Risks?

You’re waiting for the elevator in an office building, minding your own business, perhaps lost in thought. The door slides open and, wham! You’re confronted by a scene of intense violence as two men grapple on the floor of the cramped car, fists flying. One combatant slips a cord around the other’s neck and pulls it tight, choking the life out of his adversary.

Anomaly Opens Shop in Amsterdam, Eyes Brazil

Anomaly would have arrived in The Netherlands eventually. The backing of MDC Partners just made it happen faster.

Euro 4D Amsterdam Gets New MD

Euro RSCG has hired a longtime Ogilvy & Mather executive as managing director of Euro RSCG 4D Amsterdam, filling a position left open after a leadership exodus earlier this year.

Ex-Euro RSCG Execs Do Their Own Thing

The former business, creative, and strategic leaders of Euro RSCG's globally recognized shop in The Netherlands have resurfaced with their own agency. Kingsday (the name is a play on the Dutch national holiday of Queen's Day) opens this week in Amsterdam with four partners, one intern, and the goal of attracting pan-regional and global business.