American Television Alliance

Broadcast Group Pursues New Front in War With Pay TV

TVFreedom, a broadcast front group formed in response to the American Television Alliance, a cable and satellite front group, is leveraging consumer hatred of rising cable bills in a bid to derail the ongoing spat around broadcast retransmission fees.

New Group Formed to Defend Retransmission Consent

Fights between broadcasters and pay TV over carriage deals always makes for good copy, and a new coalition in Washington is about to make sure there's a lot more for the press to chew on. launched today to defend broadcasters and "tell the truth" about the U.S. video marketplace.

Lobbyist’s Email Shows How Not to Make Your Case

It's no secret in Washington that Time Warner Cable has been one of the biggest proponents of retransmission consent reform. The cable company has devoted considerable financial and lobbying resources to get Congress to act and is one of the biggest members of the American Television Alliance, which puts out several press releases a week.

Ad Wars Heat Up in Washington Over Retransmission Reform

Now that CBS and Time Warner Cable have resolved their retransmission consent differences (for now), the rhetoric is turning to Washington, where ads have been popping up in Capitol Hill publications on both sides of the issue.

Bill Seeks to Grant FCC Authority to Stop Blackouts

Rep. Anna Eshoo (D-Calif.), ranking member of the House subcommittee on communications and technology, just made Wednesday's upcoming hearing interesting by publishing a discussion draft of a bill intended to eliminate TV blackouts caused by retransmission consent disputes.

Hearing Gives Hope to Retransmission Reform Advocates

The fun thing about an oversight hearing on the Federal Communications Commission is that there is always something for every constituent's pet issue, even if it's only for three minutes. Tuesday's Senate Commerce committee hearing was no exception, dredging up the problem of blackouts caused when cable systems and TV stations can't agree on a carriage fee.

The Politics of Retrans

Make no mistake. The debate in Washington over the cause and remedy for the blackouts of TV stations on cable or satellite is more political posturing than anything else. 

Retrans Rumble: Broadcasters Slam Time Warner Cable

By all measures, Time Warner Cable had a terrific quarter and that was just the opening the National Association of Broadcasters needed to come out swinging against the cable operator for its relentless advocacy of retransmission reform.