American Red Cross

Facebook Calls for Philippines Typhoon Donations at Top of News Feed

Facebook is asking for $10 donations to the American Red Cross at the top of every user's News Feed to help those in need for assistance a

8 Types of Real-Time Marketing, and the Brands That Got It Right

Like Mother Goose's girl with the curl on her forehead, real-time marketing can be very, very good—but when it is bad, it is horrid. "Just because you can doesn't mean […]

American Red Cross PSA Reminds You That Babysitting Is a Contact Sport

Remember that time you thought babysitting for a few extra bucks was a great idea? What could be so hard about putting an 8-year-old to bed, right? Fast-forward a few hours, and Mikey's got his head caught in the stairs. Sarah's got a wad of gum in her hair. You're fashioning a makeshift diaper out of duck tape for the one whose name you forgot. Or worse, the house catches fire.

New Red Cross Advertising Breaks Tonight

The American Red Cross lost little time in assembling fund-raising PSAs asking for disaster relief contributions in the wake of superstorm Sandy. Working with lead agency BBDO, the organization produced two TV spots in a 36-hour period early this week as the extent of the damage caused by Sandy became apparent.