Amélie Company

This Unskippable PSA Illustrates How Getting Stoned Affects a Driver’s Reaction Time

Concerns about "drugged driving" have prompted the Colorado Department of Transportation and Amélie Company to create an ad campaign, "Dangerous Combinations," about the dangers of driving under the influence of marijuana. A quick look at this data makes clear why there's a need for this kind of campaign. Drugged driving incidents have increased since Colorado decriminalized weed in 2012. 

Colorado PSAs Advise Stoners to Act Stupid Everywhere but Behind the Wheel

Colorado is proud to be the first state to legalize recreational marijuana use. Ad creatives in Colorado are happy to have an opportunity to make stoner references.Three new PSAs for the state's Department of Transportation (by Denver agency Amélie Company and HSI director Simon Cole) gleefully remind would-be weed smokers that they are free to act like idiots while doing many things—but not while driving. Get high and do a bad job installing your TV. Get high and do a bad job playing basketball. Get high and do a bad job cooking steaks. Don't get high and drive. It's pretty simple.Everybody wins, except for maybe some viewers, who might find that after chuckling at the hopeless handyman spot, the joke burns out a little too quickly. Plus, that lady shooting daggers at the ill-equipped grill master clearly needs to mellow out. Really, it's hard to believe she hasn't already … especially when she's wearing that hat.