Allen & Gerritsen

This Agency’s Weekly ‘Clean the Fridge’ Emails Are a Thing of Beauty

No workplace email gets trashed faster than a mass reminder to clean out the company refrigerator. Heck, I wouldn't even bother to open one. (Such an email, I mean. The fridge—I'd open that, sure. I've got to stow my Limburger-onion hoagies someplace.)At Boston agency Allen & Gerritsen, however, the weekly "Clean the fridge" emails are savored like delicacies thanks to facilities associate Mike Boston, who also happens to be a local hip-hop artist. Each Friday, Boston (yes, it's his name and where he lives, deal with it) cooks up a sweet confection of pop-culture references, employee/client riffs and in-jokes designed to remind staff to remove their leftovers from the premises.

Draftfcb, Initiative Win MFS’ Global Business

MFS Investment Management has awarded its global creative and media business to two units of Interpublic Group.

Monistat Is Sorry (not Sorry) for Making Wearers of ‘Granny Panties’ Feel Bad

Monistat used "granny panties" in a recent ad as a metaphor for how women feel when they have a yeast infection. Now, though, after supposed complaints from the granny-panty-wearing community, Monistat is backtracking.

Sun Life Financial Selects a New Agency

Talk about a lengthy process. Sun Life Financial's advertising review began in the spring, shifted to agency presentations this summer and now has finally ended, with the selection of Doremus.

Sun Life Financial Briefs Finalists

Sun Life Financial has briefed the finalists for its creative and media business, with final presentations slated for next month.

Betty White and Slash Make the Perfect Pair in L.A. Zoo Ads

Allen & Gerritsen put together this charming series of TV spots for the Los Angeles Zoo's LAIR (Living Amphibians, Invertebrates and Reptiles) environment. If nothing else, the agency should be commended for pairing up Slash and Betty White, who are both on the zoo's board of trustees and have an unexpected, and bewildering, on-screen chemistry. They must use the same amount of foundation, too, because Slash's complexion hasn't been this smooth since Reagan was president. Also, someone should tell the snakes in the second ad that Slash sold his place in the Hills. More spots after the jump.

99 Restaurants satisfies your illicit cravings

The goofy grins and wide-eyed expectation on Mom and Dad's faces in this 99 Restaurants spot from Allen & Gerritsen underscore the odd (unintentional?) kinkiness of the premise. The theme […]

MFS’s new commercials great for Halloween

Take the platitude-spitting talking heads of the new Edward Jones campaign, and throw in the "I am" certitude of Microsoft's PC ads. Then add the creepy "glowing eyes" effect of […]

Suburban moms hit streets in anti-drug ads

These new ads by Allen & Gerristen for the Partnership for a Drug Free America strive to empower parents to get the information they need to discuss drug use with […]

Red Sox fans feel the beat in dead of winter

If you feel the conjunction of music and baseball should be confined to ballpark organists playing cheery standards, this isn't the event for you. But others will relish the opportunity […]