How Advertising Powers China’s IPO Darling Alibaba

Alibaba Group finally announced its long awaited public offering Tuesday, disclosing for the first time its financial statements that reveal the inner workings of this Chinese Internet hydra with tentacles in e-commerce, e-payments, social media, messaging,

Yahoo Worth Less Than Its Asian Investments

Yahoo might have finally resolved the long-lasting Alipay dispute, but the company’s U.S. holdings are still worth a fraction of what they once were.

Yahoo and Alibaba Finally Resolve Alipay Dispute

After months of dispute, Chinese company Alibaba and its part-owner Yahoo have finally reached an agreement concerning Alipay, a payments processing company.

Is Yahoo Worth More Than the Sum of Its Parts?

During a Wednesday meeting with Wall Street analysts, Yahoo CEO Carol Bartz was charged with the task of convincing them that the company should remain whole rather than be sold off part by part, Marketwatch reports.