With the Threat of an Ad Ban Looming, Pharma Is Fighting to Repair Its Reputation

When ex-Turing Pharmaceuticals CEO Martin Shkreli smirked his way through congressional testimony in February, refusing to answer questions about how his former company increased prices for Daraprim, a drug used to treat cancer and AIDS, by 5,000 percent, it (understandably) stoked Washington's and the general public's ire against the pharmaceutical industry.

How AIDS Advertising Has Evolved From Shock and Shame to Hope and Humor

Louie Moses was pretty proud of the tagline "Don't Fuck With AIDS" when he crafted it in 1991. An advocacy group plastered the message across Arizona State University's campus as […]

How Bloodvertising Became One of Today’s Most Visceral Trends

We live in an increasingly virtual world. But some recent campaigns are getting almost uncomfortably corporeal.

Without Condoms, Threesome Night Becomes Puzzle Night in This Odd French PSA

When the mood is right but you're all out of condoms, most amorous adventurers would simply run to the 24-hour pharmacy. But in France, the back-up plan seems to be a tad more mundane. In a series of new anti-AIDS ads from TBWA Paris, the participants in a would-be threeway end up interlocking jigsaw puzzle pieces rather than limbs, and several couples find equally bland ways to spend their naked time together.  "No condom, no sex" is the tagline for these spots for Aides, the advocacy group behind a wide range of enjoyable videos. While the premise is rather silly, it's a charming way to tackle a decades-old message that usually feels like a high school lecture. And hey, a naked puzzle party doesn't sound all that bad.  Via Osocio.

How an Agency’s Fight Against AIDS Led to an Unforgettable Moment With Bono

Jonathan Ive, Apple design svp (Getty Images)

Bono’s Urgent Call for Brand Partnerships Energizes Cannes to Combat AIDS

CANNES, France—A packed crowd of the world's top marketers thought they were turning out today to see Bono. What they didn't realize was that he was actually there to see them.

Justine Sacco Fired by IAC for ‘Hope I Don’t Get AIDS’ Tweet

UPDATE: Justine Sacco has issued the following written apology to South African newspaper The Star, according to ABC News:

IAC’s PR Chief Apparently Tweeted a Bizarrely Tasteless Joke About AIDS and Africa

UPDATE 4: (3:56 p.m., Dec. 22): Justine Sacco has written a public apology, noting, "Words cannot express how sorry I am, and how necessary it is for me to apologize to the people of South Africa, who I have offended due to a needless and careless tweet." 

Think Twice Before Foursquaring That Stranger, Say AIDS Ads

McCann Worldgroup Helsinki reminds you to check yourself before you wreck yourself with a stranger, because you don't know who checked in before you. The spots, for the AIDS Council, cleverly play off our fondness for social-media check-ins.

(RED) Dries the Tears in Latest Ad from Hill Holliday

The (RED)RUSH to Zero campaign begins today—a 10-day initiative to raise funding and awareness to help deliver an AIDS Free Generation by 2015, a critical milestone in the fight against AIDS.