Agency Names

Quiz: How Well Do You Know Your Agency Acronyms?

Everyone loves an acronym, especially if it means you don't have to crowd your office's windows and stationery with a litany of long names.  But as more agencies take the shorter, punchier route, adopting quick and memorable letters as their corporate identities, many in the industry are starting to forget the actual names behind the abbreviations. 

Agency Pronunciation Guide: Tips for Those Hard-to-Say Names

From the YouTube description on the video below: "Do you sometimes struggle when contacting agencies, worried about getting their names right? With so many unusual names and logos, it can be tricky. This easy-to-use guide gives you the 100% correct way to say agency names. Make sure you never mispronounce again with this handy guide."

Infographic: The Taxonomy of Advertising Agency Names

Conventional wisdom has it that ad agencies are named in one of two ways. Either the founders go the law-firm route and put their own names on the door (e.g., Goodby, Silverstein & Partners), or they scoff at that stuffy approach and choose something unusual that shows how creative they are (e.g., Wexley School for Girls).

Agency Uses Another Agency to Crowdsource New Name

The debate over Santa Monica, Calif., agency DW+H's decision to use fellow agency Victors & Spoils' crowdsourcing platform to rebrand itself has unfolded predictably over the past two weeks.

Ad Agency Changes Its Name in Tribute to Jeremy Lin

Cornett Integrated Marketing Solutions in Lexington, Ky., likes Jeremy Lin. A lot. So, it's changing its name to Cornett LINtegrated Marketing Solutions, in tribute to the New York Knicks player. "Like Mr.

40 Strangest Agency Names, and Where They Came From

If you were launching a new agency today, what would you call it? A group of young social-media marketers in Paris recently went with Kids Love Jetlag, which joins sister agencies Hello, Sunshine and Furious Monkeys as part of France's eccentric Fred & Farid Group. Since hearing about this new shop, we've been thinking a lot about oddly named agencies. Some, like Razorfish and David & Goliath, have become so mainstream, they no longer register as strange. Others, like StrawberryFrog and Barton F. Graf 9000, will probably always seem quirky. So, as an exercise in hilarity, we've compiled a ranking of what we consider the weirdest agency names in the advertising business. Check out the list after the jump, then let us know your picks for pre-eminent peculiarity in the comments. (Image above via Alan O'Rourke on Flickr.)

Humongo execs go big with agency’s name

I've sometimes wondered why agencies don't apply their creative energy to the ultimate sign of their brand—their names. Many still default to the law-firm convention of using the founders' names. […]