Agence Tuxedo

This French Beauty Brand Wants Women to Be Comfortable With Their Flaws

For cosmetics brands, touting a particular product's capabilities—that it gets rid of redness, say, or makes your face radiate—is standard. But that method of advertising can often impose a certain beauty ideal, one that is impossible for most women to meet.

Inspirational Makeup Ads Reveal Rather Than Conceal the Women’s True Selves

IDEA: Makeup ads have a hard time being authentically inspiring, complicated as they are by issues of vanity and manufactured beauty.

Man-Butts Gyrate to Sell Women Skin Cream

If there’s one thing that generally doesn’t get much attention—in life or mass marketing—it’s the man-butt. After the male stripper flick Magic Mike opens Friday, that may change.

Ad of the Day: Dermablend

Next time you need to hide your face tattoo, consider Dermablend Pro.The L'Oréal-owned cosmetics brand hired Rick Genest, perhaps the world's most recognizable full-body canvas, to star in its new spot from Montreal agency Agence Tuxedo—to prove just how well its makeup can conceal anything.