Here Are Forbes’ 50 Most Influential CMOs of 2014

Male chief marketing officers on Forbes' third annual Appinions CMO Influence Study, which was released today, are 22 percent more influential than their female peers.

Aflac Sends Its Duck to a Yoga Class

Aflac, the leading provider of supplemental insurance in the U.S., has sent its mascot duck to a yoga class, and predictably, the duck doesn’t quite get the hang of it.

Adidas Makes Gains Among Black Consumers, L’Oréal Lags

Adidas, E*Trade, Geico and Land Rover are a few of the brands that have made the biggest gains in terms of positive awareness among black teenagers and adults during the last year, per NewMediaMetrics (NMM).

The Marlboro Man Still Sells Cigarettes

It’s one of branding’s eternal truisms that when you find an idea that works, you stick with it. It’s why fatherly CEO Dave Thomas appeared in over 800 TV spots for Wendy’s, why Aflac has stuck with the duck since 1999 and why Go Daddy has held tight to Danica Patrick’s bumper for 11 Super Bowl spots now.

The Spot: Lame Duck

IDEA: The Aflac duck, American advertising's finest feathered friend, is nothing without his distinctive squawk. Or is he?

Want to Skip Those Veloster Pre-Roll Ads? What’s It Worth to You?

You all knew it was coming. An enterprising media buyer has come up with a way to let you skip ads for a small fee.Mike Shehan of SpotXchange, a company that sells digital video advertising, is rolling out a new service called SkipIt that will finally allow users to express their distaste for the Geico gecko, the Aflac duck or the advertising campaign of their choice.

Arnold Continues Digital Hiring Spree

The digital makeover of Arnold continues, with the hiring of Digitas' Elliott Seaborn in a senior account management role.

Meet the New Voice of the Aflac Duck

It doesn't look like a duck, but it quacks like a duck, and that's all that matters to Aflac.

Auditions for Aflac duck not going that well

A couple of tips for anyone who’d like to be the next voice of the Aflac duck: Realize that potential future employers will read your Twitter feed. And do not—I […]

Aflac cans Gilbert Gottfried for Japan jokes

After more than a decade as the grating voice behind Aflac’s web-footed mascot, comedian Gilbert Gottfried has been fired for making jokes on Twitter about the devastating Japanese tsunami. On […]