This Ad-Tech Player Brilliantly Mocks the Douchey ‘Bro-Bot’ Epidemic in the Industry

The annoying buzz terms, the weird company names, the phony hype—few things in the world of business can be as absurd as the ad-tech industry. So who better to point out such ridiculousness in comedic fashion than the minds within an ad-tech company?

With Digital Ads Shifting to HTML5, the Industry Now Has a New Set of Guidelines

The long-called-for migration of digital ads from using Adobe Flash to HTML5 is becoming a reality. It's a shift underscored by, among other developments, Amazon's switch to HTML5-only promos earlier this month, as well as The Washington Post last week committing to publishing its content on Facebook via the markup language.

Ad Tracking Platform Brings on New Investors, which tracks national TV ads and correlates digital responses, announced $21.9 million in Series B funding. The platform shows where and when national TV ads are running in real time and how each spot generates a digital response on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube or other associated media.

12 Stars of Ad Tech Who Are Building the Future of the Industry Right Now

In the world of advertising technology, everything is new. Whereas just a year ago Facebook might have been considered a secondary player in automated advertising, mobile and data, today it […]

The Next Episode for Snoop Dogg: Becoming a Tech Mogul

Snoop Dogg, a man of many names, talents and interests, is on yet another mission, one that positions him about as far away as possible from the image he's cultivated over the last quarter century. Today, he's a tech entrepreneur.

Luxury Brands Are Still Casting a Leery Eye Toward Social Media

While scores of marketers practically bear-hugged Facebook and Twitter when they first launched, seeing these social platforms as an opportunity to reach the masses, luxury brands stayed mostly out of sight, preferring to remain niche and elite. But as social becomes a key component in marketing, some luxury brands are beginning to play catch up.

Beauty Brands Partner With Women’s Mags For Girl-Powered Videos

For more than a year, brands like Dove, Pantene and Always have flooded the airwaves with ads pushing pro-female messages. When it comes to cosmetics companies, however, taking the traditional approach--a model batting impossibly long lashes, a celebrity pouting perfectly lacquered lips--still seems to reign.

Here Is the Life of a Digital Ad [Infographic]

Industry folks who want to get their heads around what the programmatic advertising space looks like should check out Adweek's Nov. 4 issue.

The Driver Behind the Publicis-Omnicom Merger

If Publicis and Omnicom’s recent merger announcement is any indication, traditional advertising and marketing agencies are increasingly looking to data to compete with the tech companies that have spent the past several years chipping away at their business models.

AOL to Launch Programmatic Upfront During Advertising Week

AOL is attempting to ignite a large-scale, machine-driven online ad market for premium advertisers and sellers by borrowing a page from old media—all in an effort to pull more TV dollars to the Web. On Sept.