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Google, Facebook and the World’s Biggest Brands Join Together to Improve Digital Ads

The digital advertising world is getting its act together thanks to the ad-blocking epidemic, which is hurting revenues across the industry.

The Maker of AdBlock Plus’ ‘Acceptable Ads’ Explains the Most Controversial News at Dmexco


Google Ends Partnership With AdBlock Plus’ Partner for ‘Acceptable Ads’ Marketplace

COLOGNE, Germany—Only one day after AdBlock Plus launched an advertising marketplace claiming that Google would sell ads that would be served to people who have installed an ad blocker, Google's ads boss told reporters this mor

AdBlock Plus Is Launching a Marketplace for ‘Acceptable’ Ads, but Will It Just Infuriate Everyone?

It's hard to know which crowd Adblock Plus will upset more with its announcement today—marketers, publishers or its users. 

Well, That Didn’t Take Long: AdBlock Plus Has a Workaround for Facebook’s Restrictions

Two days after Facebook came out with its first major crackdown on ad blocking, popular app AdBlock Plus says the social network's ads can still be wiped out.

This Mobile Ad Blocker Wants to Charge Brands to Show Their Ads

For the past year, ad blockers have made waves in the media world and threatened to wipe out digital advertising.

IAB Chief Blasts Adblock Plus as an ‘Immoral, Mendacious Coven of Techie Wannabes’

When Adblock Plus said it had been "disinvited" from this week's Interactive Advertising Bureau's Leadership Summit, it raised virtual eyebrows across the Web.

Adblock Plus Was Uninvited From a Digital Ad Leadership Conference at the 11th Hour

Adblock Plus attended the Interactive Advertising Bureau's Leadership Summit last year, and the company had registered to go next week's 2016 conference. But the IAB last week informed Adblock Plus that it no longer had a ticket to attend the event and would be receiving a refund. 

Why Adblock Plus Is Meeting Publishers and Agencies in New York Next Week

Adblock Plus is hosting an event with publishers on the evening of Nov. 3, the night before the ad:tech conference kicks off in New York.

We Brought Together the Major Players in the Ad Blocker War, and Here’s What They Told Each Other

Apple's recent flipping of the switch to allow for ad-blocking apps has sent the digital publishing world into a full-blown crisis, as the number of consumers fed up with ads that clutter and slow down websites—and doing something about it—has reached critical mass.