Adam Rapoport

Facetime: Coast to Coast Parties

From Barcelona to Hollywood, celebrities and media stars came out to celebrate.

5 Things Editors and Publishers Can Do to Survive Digital Disruption

About a year ago, I stopped referring to Bon Appétit as a magazine and started calling it a brand. Six months later I even dropped the air quotes. Not that it was easy.

Photos From the Hottest End-of-the-Year Festivities in Media and Marketing

How Conde Nast Plans to Make Epicurious the Ultimate Food Resource

  Photo: Elizabeth Lippman

5 Restaurant-Worthy Recipes From Bon Appétit

The premise of RSVP, Bon Appétit’s longest-running column, is simple: Readers write in to request recipes for their favorite restaurant dishes, and the magazine’s test kitchen chefs whip up a […]

Wired and Bon Appétit Collaborate on Food Issue

Bon Appétit and Wired might seem like strange bedfellows. But when you consider the ever-growing intersection of food and science (think molecular gastronomy, hotly debated GMOs), the magazines’ plans to team up on food editorial content starts to make sense.

Irreplaceable You?

They shepherd the crème de la crème of Condé Nast’s glossy magazines, wielding untold influence and earning substantial salaries. They have enviable budgets and top-flight talent at their command, their opinions are solicited, and their every word heeded.

Samuelsson Puts the Dude in Food

Despite the fact that men are just as likely to be found in the kitchen as women, publishers haven’t always embraced the male gourmand.