Adam & Eve

Wallace and Gromit Spread Holiday Cheer Through Google+ Hangouts

Wallace and Gromit are back, and pitching Google+ Hangouts, the group video chat client that allows people to spend quality virtual time with one another, in this fun 60-second spot from Adam & Eve DDB, rehabstudio and Aardman Studios. While I'm surprised, and a little disappointed, by the lack of cheese in this ad, the sheep cameo more than makes up for it.

Top 10 Commercials of the Week

This week, Bing bashed Google for "Scroogling" your holiday shopping searches, StubHub's ticket tree mourned its piney and formerly ornamented cousin, and Expedia unleashed a rare commercial that will have you crying and smiling at the same time.

Ad of the Day: John Lewis

The holiday season in Britain doesn't really start until department-store retailer John Lewis releases its Christmas ad. Today, it did just that—adding another chapter in a long list of sentimental favorites.

First U.K. Spot for Google+ Is Beautifully Shot but Rings Hollow

In the social realm, Google+ is indeed a poor player. Most folks spend about three seconds a month on the maligned network, and they usually arrive there by accident.

John Lewis Sets Holiday Mood With Splendid Christmas Ad

Here's an early contender both for best Christmas spot of 2011 and best use of the Smiths since Ferris Bueller went to the art museum. British retailer John Lewis and agency Adam & Eve put a new twist on the idea of a kid who can't wait for Dec. 25.

Cadbury Fingers party on Earth and beyond

This fun, deliciously detailed U.K. spot by Adam & Eve positions Cadbury Fingers as the perfect candy "For the good times!" They rock out, figure skate and fly to the […]

John Lewis Serves You From Cradle to Grave