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Meet 4 Influential Women in Marketing and Media Who Are Creating a Culture of Change


7 Shocking Character Deaths on Walking Dead, and Where the Actors Went Next

As fans of AMC's The Walking Dead know, the popular series has chewed its way through a rotating cast of characters who get killed off each season (this is a zombie apocalypse, after all).

Why AMC Wants You to Watch the Whole First Episode of Halt & Catch Fire Early on Tumblr

If AMC's corporate strategy has embraced a single ethos over the last few years, it's that more people watching is better, period.

5 New Cable Series We Can’t Wait For

It’s that time of year again: time to admit that newbie broadcast shows like Welcome to the Family and We Are Men really, really didn’t work, that Lucky 7 was […]

Comedy Central Orders 3 More Seasons of Tosh.0

Comedy Central has re-upped its biggest ongoing series through 2016. The Viacom network said today that it would purchase three more seasons of Tosh.0, with the popular series' just-inked sixth season to premiere on Feb. 18. 

Adult Swim Crashes a Spaceship in NYC for New Show Rick and Morty

If you were wandering aimlessly around Manhattan last week, you probably saw lampposts with a flier showing a cheap, grainy-looking photo of a spaceship and "take one" pull tabs at the bottom telling you to go to 23rd Street and Broadway to buy a slightly used spaceship.

Better Off Dead: AMC Zombie Hit Tears Into Sunday Night

Like the fence meant to keep out hoards of ravenous Walkers, ratings for AMC’s monster hit The Walking Dead last night sagged a bit but did not buckle.

FX’s Archer Finally Goes Full Danger Zone in New Promo

Well, they finally went and did it.

Duck Dynasty Smashes Cable Ratings Records

A&E’s Duck Dynasty is more addictive than quack.

A Solid Upfront Buoyed TV Stocks

A solid if slow-moving $19 billion upfront marketplace that segued nicely into a stream of upbeat quarterly numbers has propelled TV media stocks to new heights as darlings of Wall Street.