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Advertisers Say Gaming App’s ‘Winning’ Approach Is Creating More Sales Than Display Ads

Anyone can serve an ad to a consumer, but how to get that consumer to click through—or even better, to actively engage with the brand—is one of the central struggles of digital advertising.

LinkedIn’s Roadshow Heads to Cannes

The Cannes Lions festival has become a tech playground, and LinkedIn has embraced the event to strengthen its industry ties.

Lorde’s ‘Royals’ Hit Maybach-Targeting Marketers in the Wallet

They'll probably never own a Maybach, but that hasn't stopped millennials from being curious about the car brand thanks to it being referenced in "Royals," an infectious tune by Ne

Google Coughs Up Cookie Dough for Apple Breach

Google agreed to pay a total of $17 million to 36 states and Washington, D.C. to settle a privacy suit for trying to beat Apple’s cookie restrictions on its Safari Web browser.

Google’s $1,000 Stock Means Billions to Founders’ Bank Accounts

$1,000. Google’s stock price hit its all-time high today, making the rich founders even wealthier. Co-founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin each saw their fortunes rise more than $250 million today as shares topped the four-figure threshold.

Is It Good for Publishers When Advertisers Are Distributors?

Advertisers want their ads to be more relevant. And (most) publishers have an audience monetization problem. So a new crop of ad formats offers to solve both problems by letting advertisers benefit from social sharing by distributing editorial content to prospective customers. But are they safe for publishers?

Razorfish Formalizes Ad Product Practice

Agencies have been partnering with emerging media platforms for years to create new ad products.