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These Poignant Ads Show Why You Should Be Doing Lunch With American Seniors

Who are the faces of Meals on Wheels? For its first national integrated campaign, created by Anomaly and supported by the Ad Council, Meals on Wheels is seeking volunteers to serve the elderly population in the U.S. The commitment isn't big, and they're not asking for money. What they want is your lunch hour. "America, Let's Do Lunch" puts a warm and upbeat spotlight on the people who benefit from Meals on Wheels. You'll meet a retired school psychologist with a contagious laugh, a woman who surrounds herself with flowers, a couple who've knitted their wedding photo onto a pillowcase, and more. 

3 Surprising Lessons a Major Nonprofit Learned When It Analyzed Its Advertising

Nonprofits rarely have the luxury of big advertising budgets, and it's not often they get a chance to analyze whether their ads are working. But a new study may help shed some light on the kinds of ads that actually help drive donations.

After a Record 8 Lions in Cannes, Ad Council Brings ‘Love Has No Labels’ to NYC Pride

The Ad Council's "Love Has No Labels" campaign didn't just set records for the nonprofit PSA maker. With 110 million online views, the launch video is the second most watched social and community activism ad of all time, behind "Kony 2012."

Plastic Bottles Dream of Thrilling Future Lives in Keep America Beautiful’s Recycling Ads

Every plastic bottle in your bathroom dreams of a better life.At least, they do in Keep America Beautiful's new recycling ads from Pereira & O'Dell. The next phrase of the "I Want to Be Recycled" campaign launches today, and shows bathroom bottles looking forward to future experiences that are way more fulfilling that getting your grubby body clean.

Ad of the Day: This Beautiful Ad Council PSA Reminds Us We’re All Human Underneath

Prepare to feel all of the feels—and have a box of tissues nearby—as you watch this PSA about bias and diversity from the Ad Council.

Stephen Colbert’s 5 Funniest Lines as Emcee of the Ad Council Dinner

FedEx CEO Fred Smith was ostensibly the main man at the Ad Council's annual fundraising dinner on Wednesday night, but it can be hard even for the winner of a public service award to compete with The Man Who's Succeeding David Letterman.

Smartphones Troll Their Owners in Clever Ads About Learning and Attention Issues

Parents grow increasingly frustrated as Siri-type phone assistants misunderstand their requests in a pair of 60-second Advertising Council PSAs from Publicis Kaplan Thaler.

Lisa Sherman Is the New CEO of The Ad Council

The board of directors for The Ad Council, the largest producer of public service ads in the U.S., has hired Lisa Sherman as president and CEO.Sherman, who starts Nov. 3, succeeds Peggy Conlon, who is retiring after 15 years in the role.

Starcom MediaVest CEO Becomes Chair of Ad Council

Starcom MediaVest Group's global CEO Laura Desmond today was named board chairman of the Advertising Council. Desmond succeeds Debra Lee, CEO of BET Networks. The appointment continues the Ad Council's tradition of rotating its leadership each year between media companies, advertising agencies and corporate advertisers. 

Children Tell Parents to ‘Lock It Up’ in Merkley’s Gun Safety Ads

Merkley + Partners takes the kids' side in its new campaign for gun safety, with boys and girls questioning why adults don't go to greater lengths to hide their firearms.In one TV ad, "Please Add This to the List," a string of children note that their parents tell them to always wear seatbelt and bike helmets yet store their guns loosely in a drawer, closet, garage or under a bed. Another TV execution, "Do It for Us," weaves adults into picture, with a mother cradling a baby and a female teacher in a classroom saying that if guns are stored properly, "I won’t have to tell my kids, 'This isn’t a drill.' "Documentary filmmaker Henry Corra directed the ads, which were shot in black and white, and actor Richard Thomas provided the voiceover. The campaign, which also includes print, outdoor, radio and online ads, was created for the National Crime Prevention Council (via the Ad Council) and funded by the Bureau of Justice Assistance. "Lock it up" is the tagline.