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A Year After Becoming Freeform, the Network Prepares for Life After Pretty Little Liars

One year ago, the network formerly known as ABC Family switched its name to Freeform, a moniker execs said better reflected its edgier content. Now, as Freeform celebrates its first anniversary, the network is facing a year that could be equally

Pretty Little Liars Is Ending in 2017 After Helping Turn ABC Family Into Freeform

Pretty Little Liars, the hit teen drama that redefined ABC Family and led to the network changing its name to Freeform, is ending its run after this season. The show's final 10 episodes—including a two-hour finale—will air beginning next April, Freeform announced today.

Turner Says the Post-Millennial Generation Should Be Known as ‘Plurals’

Millennials are quickly becoming yesterday's news, and media companies are trying to figure out just what to call the next generation. Becomers? Founders? iGen? Post-Millennials? Those are just a few. And now Turner has another: Plurals. So how does Turner describe Plurals?

Disney Renames ABC Family and Hopes ‘Freeform’ Will Better Reflect Its Edgier Content

ABC Family Is Just the Latest Cable Network to Rebrand Itself With a New Name

ABC Family will change its name to Freeform in January because to be free is to be liberated, to be unbound, to be unadulterated. But in this case, it won't be truly free since Freeform will still be part of a basic cable or satellite package. But we digress.

Pretty Little Liars Shares the Secrets of Its Social Media Success

It's no big surprise that ABC Family's hit series Pretty Little Liars is one of the top shows on social media. The teen mystery drama has dominated social since its debut in June 2010, getting more than 100 million related tweets to date.

ABC Family Doubles Down on Original Programming to Reach Young Women

As women between 14 and 29 enter new life phases, ABC Family wants to be the channel they flip to for programming that helps them navigate the next step.

Presenting the Winners of the Television Hot List

Kate Juergens Stepping Down as ABC Family’s Chief Creative

Kate Juergens is leaving her post as ABC Family’s chief creative officer and evp of original content, Variety reported.

Pretty Little Liars and Audi Test Real-Time Snapchat Content

Fans of Pretty Little Liars should be stoked right about now: Hours ago, the ABC Family show got renewed for a sixth and seventh season, and