4A’s Aims to Help Mothers in the Ad Industry Get Ahead With a New Initiative

Long hours and intense deadlines can make it difficult for mothers to land leadership roles at agencies, and about 49 percent of women in the ad industry say that family responsibilities are the key barrier to career advancement, according to an IPG study.

How Some Agencies Rig Production Bids to Favor Their In-House Studios

Sometimes it's a subtle pricing scheme that stacks the deck. Sometimes it's as blatant as calling in a favor.

The IAB and 4A’s Launch an Exam to Gauge Your Digital Media Buying Knowledge

As the digital media and advertising industry becomes more complex, the Interactive Advertising Bureau, Google and the American Association of Advertising Agencies (4A's) are launching a new program for junior media agency staffers.

Study Finds Most Women in Advertising Have Experienced Sexual Harassment and Discrimination

The 4A's today released the initial findings of a yearlong research initiative designed to learn more about the experiences of women and other diverse professionals working in the advertising industry.

Are Agencies Finally Ready to Confront the ‘Rot at the Top of the Industry’?

The advertising industry's top women are done mincing words."A cancer" is how 4A's President Nancy Hill describes the agency world's lingering gender bias and racial insensitivity. "The industry has a huge diversity problem," says veteran creative Nancy Vonk.

President and CEO Nancy Hill Is Leaving the 4A’s After Nearly 9 Years

The ad industry's largest trade organization, the 4A's, announced today that its chairman and CEO, Nancy Hill, will be stepping down next year and that the search for her successor has officially begun. After leaving the organization in June 2017, Hill plans to work as a consultant and spend time in Ecuador teaching and doing volunteer work.

High School Advertising Students Pitch for Reebok in 4A’s Competition

New York high school students got a taste of the real world of advertising on Wednesday at ReACT, an advertising competition sponsored by the 4A's.

Meet 4 Influential Women in Marketing and Media Who Are Creating a Culture of Change


At Ad Agencies, the Concierge Will Now Shine Your Shoes and Cook Your Dinner

At Nashville's Bohan Advertising, staffers sometimes get too busy with work and travel to shop for groceries, return library books or wait at home for the cable guy. When that happens, they call "Aunt Tilly" and such personal chores get done.

Could the JWT CEO Scandal Become a Watershed Moment for Change?

Unlike 4A's conferences in recent memory, soul-searching was the underlying theme in Miami this year—mostly the result of the fallout from the case against former J. Walter Thompson CEO Gustavo Martinez over alleged sexism and racism. Panel sessions and keynotes hit on the lack of diversity (and, to a lesser degree, transparency) in the ad business.