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This Week’s Must-Have: a 3-D Printer for Kids of All Ages

This week, the Adweek staff is highlighting a beginner-friendly 3-D printer, Herman Miller's new-and-improved Aeron chair and the "smartphone of headphones." Take a look!

Why 3-D Printing Won’t Catch On as a Mass-Consumer Trend

Here Are 6 Must-See Tech Categories for Marketers at CES

Not so long ago, the Consumer Electronics Show was crammed with futuristic gadgets that seemed years away from becoming mainstream fixtures for consumers. But with the quick evolution of technology […]

Lowe’s Is Opening a Hardware Store in Space (Kind Of)

Lowe's is taking 3-D printing to new heights. The home improvement chain has partnered with manufacturing company Made in Space to equip the International Space Station with a 3-D printer.

GE Is Celebrating Inventor’s Day by Selling $32 Boxes of Gadgets and Goodies

Thomas Edison is credited with inventing the light bulb and camera, but what would he think of 3-D printers?

Watch This Miniature, 3D-Printed Subaru Race Against a Ton of Exploding Sticks

If you ever need to outrun an elaborately exploding array of wooden tongue depressors, a remote-controlled Subaru might just be the vehicle for you. The brand's two-minute spot, "WRX STI vs. StickBomb" is packed with dramatic visuals of the miniature car drifting around curves and jumping over ramps while the wooden sticks fly into the air all around. It's like Fast and Furious for kids—a playful idea that seems to let the brand hint at the car's street racing abilities without showing off a bunch of dangerous driving scenarios that could land the automaker in court. It also took an absurd amount of work to pull off, if the making of video below is any indication. For starters, there's the time required to assemble the "stick bomb," a tension-based stick pattern that comes apart in dramatic fashion when a single stick is removed. Overall the concept is a cool gimmick, though there's not quite enough excitement to drive the casual viewer through two minutes. Even the uptempo music can't always maintain the illusion that something is actually happening. In the end, it's a pretty compelling ad for an RC Subaru, but I've got bad news: The car was a one-of-a-kind created via 3-D printer just for the ad. So here's hoping all the effort was worth it and moves some of the $35,000 full-size models.

6 Keys to Conquering SXSW

Austin’s SXSW is never about just one thing, it’s about one more thing. Brands look to outdo each other, startups look to outshine each other and parties look to be more epic than the last. Starting today with the interactive portion of the festival, Austin is a case study in the social media phenomenon of “fear of missing out,” or FOMO.