2016 Super Bowl Ads

After His Super Bowl Debut, Lil Wayne Wants to Be an Advertising Star in 2016

Earlier this week, Samsung debuted three ads featuring rapper Lil Wayne. The spots, which also feature Wesley Snipes, are only the second major advertising campaign that the entertainer has appeared in.

Facial-Tracking Technology Shows These 5 Super Bowl Ads Were the Most Engaging

While most people were kicking back, relaxing and watching the Super Bowl over the weekend, software company Lucid and insights platform Qualtrics were conducting a study to determine the most […]

9 Eye-Opening Digital Marketing Stats From the Past Week

It's been a big week in digital marketing, thanks largely to Super Bowl 50. Here are 9 stats that caught our eye in the past several days:

With a Social-First Mind-Set, Esurance Completely Dominated the Twitter Super Bowl

Esurance proved that a less expensive pregame Super Bowl ad can actually create more buzz than an in-game spot, which cost $5 million per 30 seconds.

Here Are 7 Eye-Catching Branded GIFs From Super Bowl 50

GIFs are no longer just something that culture-forward or tech-savvy brands use—they're about as ubiquitous as photos or videos. With that in mind, dozens of brands were using GIFs everywhere last night during the Super Bowl.

Super Bowel 50? Some Viewers Cried Foul, but These 2 Poop Ads Got People Talking

During last night's broadcast of Super Bowl 50, the ads were filled with animals to warm our hearts, celebrities to make us laugh and ads about constipation and diarrhea to make us all very, very uncomfortable.

Supercut: All the Ads From Super Bowl 50 in Just 2.5 Minutes [Video]

It's Monday, the day after Super Bowl 50, and we're still trying to make sense of the commercials. We literally saw it all, from a curious spot about opioid induced constipation to the farfetched monster "puppymonkeybaby" created by Mountain Dew. 

Ranking the Super Bowl’s Top 5 Animal Ads: From the Cuddly and Cute to the Downright Strange

No Super Bowl would be complete without a few furry friends filling the screen, and this year's Big Game was no different. The use of adorable baby animals has always […]

Here’s How Much Twitter Users Preferred Beyonc√© Over Coldplay and Bruno Mars

With an eclectic lineup, the Super Bowl halftime show was as buzzy as one might imagine during the game Sunday night. But in terms of which performer stole the show on Twitter, it was an utter blowout. 

How Doritos’ Super Bowl Ad Kicked Off a Twitter Conversation About Birth Control

Doritos aired the final "Crash the Super Bowl" contest spots during Super Bowl 50.