2014 SXSW

The 10 Conferences Every Digital Marketer Should Consider Attending

From more than 90,000 folks gathering in Spain to talk about mobile technology to a CMO-driven conference in Orlando, Fla., there's a seemingly never-ending number of events for digital marketers […]

Agency’s Speakeasy Aligns With SXSW’s ‘Dark Austin’

While South by Southwest Interactive lit up Central Texas, some folks in Austin simply wanted to go dark.

Mondelez Exec Takes Us Inside the Oreo Cookie Machine

B. Bonin Bough has been incorporating brands into the South by Southwest Interactive experience for 10 years, and he believes his Oreo team pulled off a special effort this time around.

5 Things We Learned at SXSW

South by Southwest Interactive is winding down today, so the brand activations that have taken up parking lots around Austin, Texas, are being disassembled and ultimately will give way to the Music section of the festival running through this weekend. 

AOL Lead Says Connected TV ‘Is Last Disruptive Frontier for Online Video’

Ran Harnevo, president of AOL Video, is scheduled to speak at South by Southwest Interactive Tuesday morning on digital content evolution and emerging technologies.

Here Is a SXSW Speaker Who Just Put What We’re Doing in Perspective

His work may not be typical Adweek fodder, but one of the questions posed to cancer researcher Jim Olson after finishing his South by Southwest Interactive presentation made the rest of the festival seem somewhat trivial.

Edward Snowden: Tech Giants Are Irresponsible With Consumer Data

Echoing sentiments expressed by Julian Assange at South by Southwest Interactive two days ago, exiled American whistle-blo

This Startup Helps Folks Manage ‘Modern Rituals’

Tech startups are all over South by Southwest Interactive this weekend. But Vitruvi's service is all about real life, helping companies work with employees so they can better manage their time.

GoGo Takes Texting Into the Skies Over SXSW

“Hi Mom, I’m calling from 10,000 feet!” GoGo took its SXSW marketing to new heights, shall we say, showing off technology that will bring texting to commercial air travel.

Dell, Pennzoil and 3M Execs Talk SXSW

One of the themes already emerging from South by Southwest Interactive has centered on how big-brand execs have come to see what all the fuss is about this year. So Adweek caught up with play-callers for Dell, Pennzoil and 3M to chat about the different plans that have been put into place around the festival.