2014 Super Bowl

Here’s a Timeline of Brands Scoring Big in Social Media in 2014

It's been quite a year for brands in social media, highlighted by the World Cup instead of the Super Bowl for a change as Nike, Beats by Dre and McDonald's scored goals aplenty last summer.

Here Are the Most Effective Ads of 2014 (So Far)

As it turns out, a lot of people found they had dust in their eyes after sitting through Budweiser's poetic tale of star-crossed companions in its "Puppy Love" Super Bowl spot. […]

Infographic: Budweiser’s Super Bowl Ads Killed It on Social for a Week

Last week, Friend2Friend shared exclusive overnight data with Adweek on the Top 10 big-game spots according to the raw number of Twitter hashtags produced in their names.

New Girl, Brooklyn Nine-Nine Come Back Down to Earth

For all the hype afforded it, the Super Bowl does a pretty lousy job at series promotion.

How Portlandia’s Social Effort Pounced on Lame Super Bowl Game

Super Bowl XLVIII, a bona fide bore, improbably ended up being the most-viewed TV program in American history.

Many Brands Who Held Back Super Bowl Ads Struggle on YouTube

In recent years, the trend among Super Bowl advertisers has been to tease their spots on the Web days or even weeks before the game—even advertising their impending ads. That strategy has shocked purists, who argue that spending all that cash on a Super Bowl spot warrants protecting the art of surprise.But according to data from the analytics firm Tubular Labs, as well as a compelling new dashboard from the Web video marketing firm Touchstorm, brands that waited to unveil their Super Bowl ads may be paying a price—that is, if you believe YouTube views are a good arbiter of a successful Super Bowl spot.

Super Bowl Supercut: All the Ads in 2 Minutes

From Bob Dylan to Seinfeld via Pepsi, Transformers, Captain America, Stephen Colbert, Ellen and the rest, here is all you need to know about the 2014 Super Bowl ads in just 2 minutes. Mashed by Mac Smullen with music by Professor Kliq.

JCPenney Isn’t Drunk Tweeting the Super Bowl—It’s Wearing Mittens

Nicely played, JCPenney.In the last hour, the retailer's Twitter account has tweeted messages that appeared to be typed by an intoxicated individual. But it was all just a Super Bowl stunt, apparently, to promote the fact that it sells mittens.

Terry Bradshaw to Sit Out Super Bowl

Fox studio analyst Terry Bradshaw will sit out the network’s coverage of Sunday’s Super Bowl, as he mourns the passing of his father, William Marvin Bradshaw.

Tide Will Try to Hijack Butterfinger’s Super Bowl Spot With Vines

In what promises to be an active four hours of social media branding, Tide is going to really get its Vine on during the Super Bowl tonight, Adweek has learned.