Grand Marketer of the Year ’08: Andy England, Coors

Earlier this year, Andy England was deposed for eight hours by the Department of Justice. The CMO of Coors Brewing was one of many top-level executives grilled about a variety […]

Craig Wanous, Bob Thibault and Deb Bauer, Huggies

Imagine walking into the office one day and finding out that (good news!) nearly everybody on the focus group you assembled was familiar with your brand. Now for the bad […]

Lisa Walker, Campbell

Salt is essential for life, but eat too much of it and it may kill you. This is not news. The prevailing theory is that salt forces your body to […]

Kevin Feige, Dan Buckley and Paul Gitter, Marvel

Tony Stark might seem at first like just another self-involved billionaire playboy with little on his mind but sipping cocktails and chasing beautiful women. Turns out, though, he’s a deep […]

John Weinstock, LG

You don’t expect much controversy from the sleepy household appliance segment, but here you had LG drawing ire for one of the most un-green campaigns imaginable. At a time when […]

Sara Tervo, Pink (Victoria’s Secret)

At first, Victoria’s Secret had modest expectations for Pink, its sleepwear line for female teens. A brainchild of Leslie Wexner, CEO of Victoria’s parent company Limited Brands, the extension had […]

Phil Pacsi, Bridgestone

For sports fans, spotting the Bridgestone activation can be a sport in itself. Turn on an NFL game and you’re likely to see a plug for the league’s official tire. […]

Mike Minasi and James White, Safeway

When consumers like Deb Poe speak, marketers listen. Last month, the well-heeled mother of three was shopping at a Dominick’s supermarket in the Chicago suburb of Oak Park, Ill. when […]

Chris Keith, Herbal Essences

One afternoon, Michael Jutt, Procter & Gamble’s assistant director of haircare, was sitting in his office when the phone rang. Jutt picked it up. It was Christopher Keith, over in […]

Rich Ross and Andy Mooney, Disney

In March 2006 something momentous happened, at least in the collective consciousness of Generation Y. That month, a new show launched about a young girl who leads a secret double […]