Grand Marketer of the Year ’05: Jim Stengel, Procter & Gamble

The annals of business are stocked with stories of mighty blue chip firms that somehow lost their way. Think Coca-Cola before Roberto Goizueta or IBM before Lou Gerstner, or Apple […]

Jed Connelly and Jan Thompson, Nissan

The more successful a tagline becomes, the more it takes on shades of new meaning. In 1998, Apple urged computer users to “Think Different,” but it was Apple who later […]

Michael Boylson, JCPenney

It’s another blustery day this past February, and J.C. Penney’s evp/CMO Michael Boylson is addressing a group of fellow marketers and agency executives at the annual Retail Advertising Conference in […]

Barry Sternlicht, Starwood Hotels and Resorts

Thanks to Barry Sternlicht, hotel kingpin J.W. Marriott Jr. has taken a keen interest in the threadcounts of cotton bed sheets. Sternlicht also explains why InterContinental Hotels tapped Back Lot […]

Geoffrey Frost, Motorola

Despite his job, or maybe because of it, Geoffrey Frost isn’t crazy about the word “phone.” Motorola’s chief marketing officer prefers to use terms like “the device formerly known as […]

Ken Lombard and Anne Saunders, Starbucks

Long after all the artists have left the stage, the past year in music will go down as the period in which moody Cold play got the critical raves (and […]

John Mackey, Whole Foods Market

Can a person actually fall in love with their supermarket? Strange question, perhaps, but for the residents of lower Manhattan, the arrival of a gleaming new Whole Foods Market earlier […]

Scott Greenstein, Sirius Satellite Radio

Enter the offices of Sirius Satellite Radio high above midtown Manhattan and you’ll find an environment that’s closer to outer space than terrestrial. Bright lights illuminate a two-story glass-enclosed lobby. […]

Dean Harris, Vonage

Gearing up for his recent move to a new home in south Florida, David Pietrowksi knew he would be making a lot of long-distance calls to family back home in […]

Brian Woods and Kevin Morefield, Ameriquest Mortgage Co.

It was simple, but effective, irony: A woman in a business suit talking about refinancing a home from the thick of screaming rock fans, getting picked up and “surfed” toward […]