Ad of the Day: Temptations Rewrites ‘Don’t You (Forget About Me)’ as an Ode to Your Cat

This Mesmerizing 5-Minute Mashup of ’80s Ads Is Like a Time Machine

It's hard to listen to A Flock of Seagulls' "I Ran (So Far Away)" without feeling some hint of superiority. The song is arguably good, a perfect entry in the time period's myriad synth-pop hits. But because of the band's lead singer and his particularly styled coif, the band became an easy punch line, emblematic of the over-the-top 1980s culture.That may have been the thinking behind using the five-minute song as the soundtrack for the beautifully done mashup below of commercials from that time. 

This Agency Intern Recruitment Video Is a Glorious, Grotesque Celebration of ‘Fresh Meat’

Advertising creatives love to harp on a good pun, but rarely do they push it so far into bat-shit territory that it turns into a form of genius.A new summer intern recruitment music video from Mother takes the "Fresh Meat" metaphor to its event horizon—pounding its hook into a juicy, irresistible mess, just like any good pop song should. Enjoy a psychedelic trip through a world of dancing, flying, spinning raw cuts—hamburgers, chickens, steaks and roasts, to name a few. There's homage to Lady Gaga, in the form of a meat wig. There are affirmative lyrics aimed at boosting the self-esteem of sausages. There's even a meat kaleidoscope. There is so much more (including, in all likelihood, Illuminati references)—but drenched in epic 1980s-style staging and visual effects, the whole thing is basically a Gen X butcher's acid fantasy.

1980s Classic Adventures in Babysitting Is Getting a Disney Channel Reboot

Good news for '80s nostalgists: Disney Channel is rebooting Chris Columbus' 1987 Elisabeth Shue-centric comedy, Adventures in Babysitting.

These Forgotten Toys Want to Know What Love Is. They Want You to Show Them

If your once-loved, coldly discarded belongings could share their feelings of loss and exile, what would it sound like? Like Foreigner, that's what.

Skeletor Is Waging a Twitter Takeover of @Honda. Here Are the Best Moments So Far

One of the universe's greatest villians has conquered the Twitter feed of one the world's most recognized automotive brands.Yes, it appears that Skeletor, the nemesis of He-Man (both of '80s Saturday morning cartoon fame), has manned the controls of Honda's Twitter account, coinciding with the brand's newest campaign featuring famous toys promoting the Happy Honda Days sales event. The exchanges are actually pretty hilarious and range from trolling He-Man to sharing his #ManCrushMonday. Take a look:Here's where it all went down: Twittersphere: It is I, Skeletor! Now that I have control of Honda’s account, no one is safe! Muaha! #Skeletakeover pic.twitter.com/7DCH2aw9lh — Honda (@Honda) December 1, 2014

Adults Apparently Wanted Underoos So Badly, They’re Already Sold Out

Never underestimate the power of nostalgia, even in the form of quasi-ironic undergarments.Internet users of a certain age have been abuzz over the past 24 hours about a new line of superhero-themed Underoos sized for adults and available at Hot Topic.In fact, of the eight sets announced yesterday—Superman, Wonder Woman, Batman, Batgirl, Harley Quinn, Captain America, He-Man and Skeletor—the only two left in stock as I write this are Harley Quinn and Batgirl, both available only in large. (The Batman underwear literally went out of stock and then vanished while I was typing this.)

Delta’s New In-Flight Safety Film Is One of the Most ’80s-tastic Videos Ever Made

Dudes, strap yourselves in and get ready for the most righteously rad 1980s-style flight safety video ever.Delta graces Gen X nostalgiasts with this five-and-a-half-minute opus from Wieden + Kennedy in New York, packed with sweet memories celebrating the finest of the decade. Spoiler alerts ahead: It's got Alf, Atari and the Rubik's Cube. It's got the Energy Dome (better known as that ridiculous hat the guys from Devo wore). It's got tons of glam hair, and pastels and spandex. It's even got a poor sucker trying to wind a cassette tape back into the cartridge—and for you Airplane! fanatics, a nice little easter egg.Overall, it doesn't quite have the insane '90s-esque vim of Virgin's song-and-dance flight-safety number, but it is a nice addition to Delta's growing collection of offbeat videos—and at least everyone isn't dressed like a Lord of the Rings extra.Credits below.

Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About the 1980s in One Coked-Up HTML5 Website

Bonkers candy. Betamax. McRib sandwiches. Madonna. Michael Jackson. Reaganomics. Mountains of cocaine. … Man, the '80s rocked. Or sucked, depending on your point of view. Thanks to Mullen's ExploreThe80s.com, folks of a certain age can relive that glittery, gluttonous era in all its gaudy glory.