Ad of the Day: Unicef Follows Up With the Syrian Child Refugees From Its ‘Unfairy Tales’ Ads

The recent fall of Aleppo marked a turning point in Syria's long war, which began more than five years ago and reached its violent apex in 2016 as a numb and largely powerless world looked on. 

How Nike and Apple Set the Bar for Anthemic Advertising With These Two Spots in the ’90s

Some of the most memorable executions in the history of advertising go aren't just ads. They are, as William Gelner puts it, more like acts—statements of purpose, or calls to action to make the world better.

180LA Targets Other Agencies With Snapchat Geofilters to Nab a Social Media Manager

Here's a sneaky recruitment stunt from 180LA, which is using Snapchat geofilters targeting West Coast ad agencies and tech companies to advertising a social media manager position.

Ad of the Day: Expedia Builds a Gorgeous VR Room to Help Sick Kids Travel the World

Imagine a young girl stuck in a hospital for months—or years—finally getting to live out her fantasy of roaming with wild horses on an Argentine plain. One girl did, in a manner of speaking, thanks to "Dream Adventures," a new campaign from online travel agency Expedia. 

Life Isn’t Fair, but At Least This Coffee Is, Say Comical Ads From 180 Amsterdam

180 Amsterdam's new European campaign for Moyee FairChain coffee might not be everyone's cup of tea. It's an edgy brew flavored with wry wit, positioning the java brand as a caffeinated antidote to the inherent cruelty of life itself. Yes, human existence might be patently unfair. But Moyee claims its superior taste and equitable treatment of local growers provide some much-needed balance.

Asics Gets Down and Dirty, and Very Sweaty, in 180’s ‘Want It More’ Campaign

Hey, athletes and gym rats, do you WANT IT MORE? If so, Asics has the perfect ad campaign for you.

Ad of the Day: A Syrian Child Refugee’s Real Ordeal Becomes a Storybook Nightmare

A heartbreaking new animation from Unicef calls attention to the plight of the millions of children suffering in the Syrian refugee crisis.  "Malak and the Boat," a two-minute video, tells the story—in her own words—of a 7-year-old girl crossing the Mediterranean to escape civil war. Battered by cold water, she admits to being terrified she and her mother will drown. 

Ad of the Day: HP Vows to ‘Keep Reinventing’ in Fun Series of Star Wars Ads

The Force is strong with this one. HP ties in with Star Wars: The Force Awakens in these fun, impressive commercials from BBDO New York and 180LA that introduce the technology company's "Keep Reinventing" platform.

Ad of the Day: Supermodel Irina Shayk Blows Your Mind by Working Out in Jeans

You might not actually want to work out in denim jeans. But it's good to know (maybe?) that you could—and that the heads of anyone watching you in the gym might just explode with admiration (and/or confusion?) as they witness a new kind of workout clothes in action.

Ad of the Day: This Lovely HP Commercial Has the Year’s Most Perfect Soundtrack

See Jane fret. And struggle. And begin to lose focus and confidence. As she rises through the professional ranks, she loses touch with her childlike creative side and becomes stuck in a workaday rut.