18 Feet & Rising

Ad Women Battle Nike Over Sneaker Designs

Emily Hodgson and Emilie Riis, staffers at London ad agency 18 Feet & Rising, have harnessed the awesome global power of the Internet for its ultimate purpose—pestering Nike. They've created Purple Unicorn Planet, a site that at first glance seems to sell various Nike training shoes.

Comedy Troupe Prepares to Improvise Three-Minute Ad on Live TV

Forgetting that a lot of improv comedy stinks, ad agency 18 Feet & Rising is partnering with British improv troupe Mischief Theatre to produce a live ad that will air on U.K. Comedy Central on the evening of June 17.

British Advertising Hits New Low With Commercial Starring Talking Butt Crack

What a week it's been. As Friday draws to a close, I see your defecating man in the exercise video and your threesome-inducing Sexual Chocolate wine, and I raise you one talking butt crack in this British advert for something called Polycell. It's some sort of spray product that promises "No more unsightly cracks" in your walls. Unfortunately, there's one major unsightly crack in the commercial. And it talks. David Ogilvy would be proud. Agency: 18 Feet & Rising. Full list of perpetrators below.