Marriott’s Grassroots Approach to Reaching Millennial Travelers

As baby boomers retire in increasing numbers, hotels that rely heavily on business travelers must adapt to a new generation of executives. An in-room coffee machine and free morning newspaper aren't going to cut it for millennials, who demand a tech-savvy, highly personalized travel experience from booking to checkout.

These Outdoor Brands Learned to Embrace Their Customers’ Love of Disconnecting

The average businessperson travels with three wireless-enabled devices, providing inroads for digital marketing at nearly every moment of the day.

This New Image Recognition Tool Will Change How Brands Use Social Media

Brands today have an image problem. The Web has become exponentially more visual in the past decade, yet many marketers have failed to address this shift with technology and analytics.

What the Success of Honda’s ‘Community’ Campaign Says About Millennials and Branded Video

Don't buy into the fear-mongering: Millennials still care about watching TV, and they want to watch TV on their TV sets.

How Movie Marketers Are Using Online Video to Drive Ticket Sales

There has never been more competition for people's time and attention than there is today. While any marketer knows this, movie marketers probably know it best of all. They launch new brands every weekend in a movie theater near you. So what's the secret to breaking the digital box office? 

Did BET Crack the Code on Turning Social Mentions Into TV Ratings?

Associating your brand with a pop culture trend is a great way to appear relevant to your audience, but measuring the results can be tough. What's a marketer to do?

3 Ways Programmatic TV Addresses the New Brand-Viewer Dynamic

We know that the TV media landscape is fragmented—that's a forgone conclusion. What's becoming increasingly obvious to me is that there will be no turning back. TV no longer stands alone. Rather, it's more like a family that includes computers, laptops, tablets and mobile phones.

Is Digital Marketing Responsible for the LA Kings Season Ticket Boom?

When you think of the hottest events happening in Los Angeles, some of the first things that come to mind are LA Lakers games, big movie premieres and a certain well-known mansion near Beverly Hills. Yet even though the SoCal climate is too warm for natural ice, the NHL's LA Kings have added their name to the list of popular attractions, against all odds.

The Smashmouth Guide to Making Sports Events Work for Your Brand

In today's media cycle, sports never end. Seasons are stretched out as much as possible to maximize revenue, which means there's always a game to see, a team to follow or a commercial to watch. The 12-month sports grind doesn't just hit the players hard—it also wears down consumers, who end up sitting through the same ads from the same brands, over and over.

How to Hit Your Brand Gooooooaaaaaal with Soccer Advertising

Despite being the most popular sport in the world, soccer has long been an afterthought in American athletics. For brands, that history has cast a shadow across the pitch. Why invest in "the beautiful game" if there aren't enough fans to witness it?