What Your Digital Campaign Is Missing, According to Neuroscience

Sure, digital is the fastest growing category in terms of allocated U.S. ad spend, but there's one form of media that smart marketers are still obsessed with: Print.

Quiz: Is Your Brand’s Content Ready to Reach New International Consumers?

As brands get ready for the millions of international consumers poised to enter the market in the next few years, the race is on to create and optimize content for a wide range of languages and cultures. That's because, with the international ecommerce market projected to reach $300 billion by 2018, no brand can afford to be lost in translation.

The Top 3 Things Every CMO Should Know About the Internet of Things

The Internet of Things (IoT), the slightly clunky term for the new generation of connected cars, homes, clothes and products, is already having a radical impact on consumer marketing. Based on Deloitte projections, a billion wireless IoT devices were shipped in 2015, a 60-percent increase from the year before.

Infographic: The Anatomy of This Beer Brand’s Amazing Email

As every digital marketer knows, there's a lot of advice out there about how to increase email open rates, drive engagement and boost CTR. But what there isn't enough of are actual examples of what best-in-class emails look like, and analysis of what makes them so eye-catching and click-worthy.

Why Brands and Agencies Are More Excited Than Ever for CES This Year

These Are the 10 Qualities of the Best Digital CMOs

Aside from the same title, CMOs today have a job that barely resembles the one they did ten, even five years ago. In fact, for CMOs at cutting-edge brands, marketing is only one of a wide range of responsibilities.

Quiz: What’s Your Social Media Skill Level?

Social media, content marketing and real-time technology have dominated the marketing landscape for some time now. But do you know how mature is your business really is on these fronts?

The 3 Symptoms of a Marketing Headache

The challenges faced by today's marketers are, in a word, headache-inducing. Questions like "What's the best way to go about desiloing data?" and "What're the most efficient ways of quantifying ROI?" are giving marketers fevers and night sweats. So what's a marketer to do to get healthy again?

What It Takes for a Brand to Achieve Iconic Status

At the moment marketing is more fractured than ever before. So how does a brand rise above all of the noise to achieve truly iconic status?

The Guide to Visual Storytelling, Pinterest Edition

Pinterest, Instagram, Tumblr and even publishers like The New York Times have redefined how marketers think about visual advertising. That definition, however, hasn't quite met a consensus among marketers. The official Oxford definition can wait though.