What You Need to Know About Programmatic and Politics

A lot has changed since the 2012 elections, most of all how consumers (read: voters) get information. Consider these eMarketer stats: Four years ago, there were 122 million smartphone users in the U.S.; now there are over 210 million. In 2012, Americans spent one hour and twenty-eight minutes on their smartphones each day; now that's over three hours. There were 54 million U.S.

What Can Political Campaigns Teach Us About Smarter Ad Targeting This Year?

For those of us in the media business, the 2016 election will be remembered as the year programmatic targeting by political campaigns came of age.

Here’s What Digital Political Advertising Will Look Like in 2016

For the past 50 years, television has been the most effective medium for politicians looking to reach voters. This is about to change.

Infographic: How to Build a Winning Programmatic Media Plan, Step-by-Step

The debate is on: What can marketers do to take advantage of party allegiances and reach target audiences on a more personal—err, political—level? Democrat, Republican, media buyer or consumer, this chart offers everything you need to know about putting together a programmatically correct media plan this year.

Answers to 4 Common Programmatic Questions for Brands and Political Campaigns

Consumer marketers won't be the only ones using programmatic advertising this year. Automated, data-driven targeting has a big role to play in the 2016 elections. In fact, reaching voters programmatically is a great example of just how straightforward the process can be.

Hey Marketers, Tell Us What Part of Your Job Is Most Confusing

Programmatic TV, live-streaming apps, ad blocking—there's a lot to keep up with these days. That's why we need your help identifying the topics marketers want to understand better. Take this very brief survey and let us know what we should focus on in the year ahead. Thanks! 

Play This Visual Memory Game to Improve Your Social Media Strategy

Most marketers are quick to praise visual content. But do they know, for example, that on social media images get 650 percent higher engagement than text-only posts? That kind of stat can make you rethink your budget this year.

This New Video Ad Format Only Plays When You’re Actually Watching It

As the Internet becomes an increasingly limitless playground, people spend more and more of their time online watching digital video.

The Definitive List of Things Millennials Hate to See in Ads

Have you ever tried to talk to a millennial like, you know, a millennial? FOMO, yasss, on fleek? Well, don't. Millennials—and the rest of us—are embarrassed for you.

How to Track Your Brand on Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter and Tumblr