The Era of People-Centric Advertising Has Arrived

Consumers are "disrupting" the advertising world, to borrow one of the tech industry's favorite terms. For digital advertisers, this may seem like a difficult fork in the road. And it is.

Finally, a Definitive Study That Proves Just How Much Mobile Contributes to In-Store Sales

In today's complex mobile environment, it's incredibly difficult to find out who saw your brand's ads, let alone what they did next. Despite the fact that U.S. mobile ad spend is expected to eclipse $40 billion by 2019, according to Forrester, marketers still struggle to set expectations.

Why The Future of Digital Is About Aligning With Experiences

Years of being bombarded with irrelevant marketing has made one thing clear: Ads are more meaningful when tailored to consumer interests.

The Future of Video Will Not Be Televised, It Will Be Personalized

Last year, the luxury automaker Lexus launched a single ad campaign that involved more than one thousand individual videos.

These Brands Are Killing the Wearables Game in Brazil

It’s safe to assume that many athletes competing in Brazil trained extensively with the help of GPS watches, heart rate monitors, connected garments or other wearable technologies. And while the […]

These Non-Sponsor Brands Found Clever Ways to Sneak Their Messaging Into Brazil

The IOC's Rule 40 has barred any brand or athlete that's not an official sponsor from so much as mentioning the events.

How Your Brand Can Get Involved in That Big Sporting Event in Brazil That You’re Not Allowed to Name

There will be sports next week in the southern hemisphere, in a place that rhymes with Leo. For couch-dwelling humans and brands alike, it's a time of excitement and inspiration involving multiple screens and an insane amount of social media action.

Still Have Questions About Addressable TV Advertising? We’ve Got Answers

A lot of advertisers are reimagining how they approach TV. But that doesn't mean we're all suddenly experts on the latest addressable TV technologies that make data-driven household targeting possible.

The 2016 Rio Games Will Be a Breakthrough Event for Cross-Device Marketing

The summer and winter games have long been one of the television advertising world's signature events. In fact, advertisers are estimated to spend over $1 billion on official television spots during the broadcast of the Rio games on NBC in August, according to Variety.

The Brand Marketer’s Guide to Social Media Advertising

What are you doing to ensure you're getting the most from your social ad dollars? Brands are spending more than ever on social media advertising—it will account for more than 23 percent of all digital ad spend this year, worth some $15.6 billion, according to eMarketer. But are you spending your budget efficiently? And how are you measuring the impact of your social campaigns?