Zynga Raised $1.5M in 17 Days For School in Haiti

By Azam Khan Comment

Zynga, who is well known for its charitable donations, raised $1.5M in 17 days recently for “L’Ecole de Choix,” a new school in Haiti. 100 percent of the proceeds of the campaign went to the school. Zynga also donated $200,000 on their own with Facebook also pitching in Facebook Credit fees to the cause. More after the jump.

The campaign was quite successful as Zynga was able to raise less than 1/3 of the entire amount within the first two days. Zynga’s efforts were carried out by implementing virtual school supplies that users could acquire in FarmVille and Mafia Wars. Players were provided with a Haiti Backpack to fill up with virtual goods through exchanging School Supplies which are available as free gifts. Players also could purchase Sweet Seeds for a special beet that doesn’t wither.

Zynga donated $1 for every 4,000 gifts exchanged. The money is now being used in construction and maintenance of this new school in Haiti. This effort is a part of Zynga’s larger strategy to provide children with access to quality education.

We covered Zynga’s fundraising efforts for Haiti first back in January as it had raised $1.5M for the earthquake relief efforts some time after the earthquake first hit. This effort involved Zynga’s collaboration with World Food Program to provide aid to affected regions. Then in May Zynga raised $110,000 to build a school in Haiti on behalf of a Haiti non-profit called FATEM. This was the first initiation of the ‘Sweet Seeds’ campaign that lasted four days, sowing seeds for the construction of “L’Ecole de Choix.” It’s interesting to see these efforts materialize and hope for the best for these displaced children.