Zynga May Horn In On EA’s Facebook Sports Game Turf

By David Cohen Comment

Speaking of domain names, the recent acquisition of ZyngaSports.com by Facebook game developer Zynga may signal an attack on Electronic Arts, the leader in the sports game category.

Fusible reported that the ZyngaSports.com domain was transferred last week to intellectual-property law firm Keats McFarland & Wilson, which has worked with Zynga in the past.

And the gridiron may be the first field of battle, as Fusible added that Zynga already owns the URLs for ZyngaFootball.com, ZyngaFootball.net, and ZyngaFootball.org, having acquired them in April 2010.

Zynga dwarfs EA in terms of total monthly average users, holding the number one ranking on our AppData developer leaderboard, with more than 225 million. EA placed third with more than 48 million.

However, there are no sports games on the list of Zynga Facebook applications. EA, meanwhile, can claim:

  • EA Sports FIFA Superstars,1.5 million monthly average users;
  • Madden NFL Superstars,500,000;
  • Bowling Buddies,160,000;
  • World Series Superstars: Baseball, 80,000; and
  • EA Sports PGA Tour Golf Challenge, 50,000 .

Yet FIFA Superstars was ranked at just number 207 on the AppData leaderboard, which raises the following question: Do sports games just not work on Facebook, or is the category just sitting there and waiting for a developer to belt one out of the park?