Facebook Ads, Sponsored Stories Show Up On Zynga.com

By David Cohen 

Facebook game developer Zynga launched Zynga.com as an option for users to play its games and still connect with Facebook while off the social network’s platform, but one element of Facebook found its way to Zynga.com: Facebook ads and sponsored stories.

Sister blog Inside Facebook reported that traditional Facebook ads and sponsored stories are appearing in the sidebar on Zynga.com, where ads served by Google AdSense previously landed. Google-served ads are still visible on Zynga.com.

Facebook added an entry to its help center, “Facebook Advertising on Zynga.com,” which reads:

When you connect with Facebook on Zynga.com, you’ll see personalized ads and sponsored stories. The Facebook ads you see on Zynga are the same ads you see on Facebook.com.

You’ll only see sponsored stories about activity that has been shared with you.

You can remove ads that don’t interest you by clicking the X.

Facebook doesn’t sell information that tells advertisers who you are.

Readers: Is this a smart move by Facebook geared toward increasing its advertising revenue, a bad decision that will annoy gamers, or both?

Screen shot courtesy of Inside Facebook.