Mark Zuckerberg Calls Snapchat ‘A Super-Interesting Privacy Phenomenon’

By David Cohen 

SnapchatiPhonePhoto-messaging application Snapchat reportedly turned down Facebook’s acquisition offer of more than $3 billion last November, but that didn’t stop Facebook Co-Founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg from praising Snapchat during a talk with Stanford University President John Hennessy at the school’s Memorial Auditorium.

According to TechCrunch, Zuckerberg said of Snapchat:

I think a lot of the most interesting startups today are actually doing different interesting things like this, whether they’re messenger companies that are allowing different ways to communicate very quickly with small groups.

I think Snapchat is a super-interesting privacy phenomenon because it creates a new kind of space to communicate, which makes it so that things that people previously would not have been able to share, you now feel like you have place to do so.

And I think that’s really important, and that’s a big kind of innovation that we’re going to keep pushing on and keep trying to do more on, and I think a lot of other companies will, too.

Zuckerberg also discussed the difficulties in finding the massive amounts of funding necessary to connect the rest of the world to the Internet, including via his initiative, as well as artificial intelligence, and the impact of the National Security Agency’s Prism initiative on users’ willingness to share.

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