Does Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg Fancy Fancy?

By Julie D. Andrews 

In order to stay on top of it, you’ve got to scope out the competition. That seems to be what Facebook Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer Mark Zuckerberg was doing when he reportedly recently joined Pinterest rival, and newest member of the social cool-kid scene, Fancy.

Fast Company reported that Zuckerberg created the handle “Zuckd” and “fancy’d” one item, an Extendo library shelving system. According to his profile, more than 114,500 Fancy members are following him, while Zuckerberg is following just 16.

The New-York-based startup has been backed by Kanye West, and it garnered a crisp $100 million valuation.

Facebook did not confirm to Fast Company that this profile belonged to the real Zuckerberg.

Zuckerberg also recently made a cameo on Airtime, a video-chatting app that allows Facebook users to communicate with their friends through video, which launched last Tuesday, The Huffington Post reported. The browser-based software was created by the first president of Facebook, Sean Parker, with fellow Napster Founder Shawn Fanning.

Readers: Do you think Zuckerberg is keeping a watchful eye on potential new competitors or eyeing possible future acquisitions?