Zuberance Identifies The Best Facebook Brand Advocates

By Justin Lafferty 

Companies on Facebook are looking more toward their fans for marketing, as most people usually trust messages from friends over advertising pitches from brands. Social marketing company Zuberance announced Wednesday that it has launched a product that identifies a company’s biggest influencers, a.k.a brand influencers.

Zuberance now lets brands know who their most influential fans are, allowing them to market more efficiently to them, so that they can share the message to their friends. The company claims that it is the first to systematically identify these brand advocates and motivate them to recommend products and share offers with friends.

The program finds advocates among Facebook fans by asking what it considers the ultimate question for customer loyalty — “On a scale of 0 to 10, how likely are you to recommend our brand or product?” This question can be sent to fans via status updates or tabs.

Zuberance then allows these brand advocates to create content such as sparkling reviews and testimonials, which will be shared on the social network. Brands can publish these recommendations to their Facebook pages. Advocates can also share branded content such as product announcements, white papers, and videos, as well as promotional offers via Facebook. This also increases engagement by driving advocates to interact with specific posts on a brand’s Facebook page. Brands will be able to track advocacy results in real-time.

Rob Fuggetta, founder and CEO of Zuberance, explained the new service:

Many marketers are still trying to figure out how to effectively leverage Facebook for marketing. By finding and amplifying advocates, Zuberance enables marketers to get compelling, measurable Facebook marketing results now.

Select companies have already seen results using Zuberance’s technology.

The company notes that advocates for a personal financial software company have created more than 1,500 testimonials. Among those who shared the content, 53 percent of these advocates have shared their stories on Facebook. And a fitness chain received a 125 percent response rate when advocates shared content and offers through Facebook.

Readers: If you manage a Facebook page, how do you find out who your biggest influencers are?