Zeus Is Loose: Bolt Apps Releases App That Crafts Rules For Facebook Contests

By David Cohen 

Facebook contests have been used by page administrators for years to help drive engagement with their pages, and the importance of complying with Facebook’s rules on contests has repeatedly been stressed, but what about the contest rules themselves? That’s where Zeus, an online promotion-building application from Marden-Kane’s Bolt Apps unit, comes in.

Zeus’ ReadyRules feature generates authentic official rules for contests after users submit key information, such as creative assets and copy, via an interactive wizard. The rules that are generated are ready to deploy, and cover the entire contest process, from registration to judging to awarding of prizes.

Bolt Apps said ReadyRules was created in-house with legal counsel provided by David Carlin, former managing partner and founder of the advertising practice at law firm Loeb & Loeb

Zeus costs users $995 for sweepstakes, $1,250 for essay or photo contests, and $1,500 for video contests, with customized features available for additional charges.

Bolt Apps Chief Product Officer Marty Glovin spoke with AllFacebook about Zeus, saying of its high price tag:

The guy on the corner, the local travel agent, the deli, they’re already playing by their own set of rules. We’re actually looking at midmarket and up, for companies that want to play in the promotion space and play by the rules.

We believe the official rules that are generated by the ReadyRules product mitigate the need for an attorney to write the rules. The official rules of any consumer promotion are the contract between the sponsoring entity and the consumer. If there’s not depth and structure, you’re just opening yourself up.

Zeus creates official rules specific to your program, designed to ensure that sponsoring entities are playing by the rules. It generates very structured and deep sets of rules, and not six or seven sentences, which many brands out there are doing.

Other products are built by technology companies. We built a solution to fill a gap quickly, easily, and cost-effectively

Buyers don’t appreciate the need for having rock-solid official rules. That’s why we created Zeus.

Glovin added in a press release:

Online promotions in the form of sweepstakes and contests can be a very effective way for brands to connect with and engage current and potential customers. Zeus was created for users who prefer a complete, intuitive, do-it-yourself application, while being confident that they are playing by the rules. Such a tool is a critical component in the deployment of holistically sound online marketing campaigns.

Page administrators: Would you consider using an app like Zeus to craft rules for your contests?