Yworld Raises $500,000 for Collaboration Tool and Professional Network in One

By Devon Glenn 

Rather than being another place to deposit a resume, Yworld aims to be a professional network where people can work on their projects in real time while keeping up with influential people in their industries.

Today the company announced a $500,000 funding round from a private investor. With the additional funds, Yworld will invite professors and students from select universities to test out the collaborative networking platform.

“Our productivity tools turn your projects into a mobile and dynamic visual portfolio that stands out among the crowd. Our innovative ranking system permeates the entire community, sorting content and contributions, users and groups,” explained Yworld co-founder and CTO Rahul Singh in a statement. “Our community allows great ideas to spread while filtering spam and excess noise.”

Founded in May, 2012, the Vancouver-based company is currently testing features like a collaborative whiteboard, a newsfeed, a group chat tool, and file-sharing with free, unlimited data storage. Added Singh, “We’re solving the Internet’s biggest problem by transforming the time you spend socially networking into a productive, indispensable career-booster.”