YouTube Rocks The Vote, Lets Creators Add Voter Registration Annotation To Videos

By Megan O'Neill 

The 2012 Presidential election is just around the corner.  With just six weeks to go ‘til Election Day, National Voter Registration Day kicks off today in the U.S. and the race is on to get as many potential voters registered as possible.  YouTube has jumped on the bandwagon to encourage people to get out there and register to vote with a new Voter Registration annotation.

To encourage your viewers to vote you can add the Voter Registration annotation to any of your videos.  Adding it is simple.  Just go to the Annotations Editor on any of your video pages by clicking the Annotations button at the top of the video page.  Then, click on ‘Add Annotation’ and select ‘Cause’ at the bottom of the list.  Under ‘Select a Cause’ choose ‘Register to Vote.’  Then define the time during which you’d like the annotation to play in your video and you’re all set!

The annotation will send viewers to, where they will be able to register to vote.

In addition to the launch of the new Voter Registration annotation, a bunch of top YouTube creators have put together videos in honor of Voter Registration Day.  You can check out Hank Green’s video ‘You. Must. Vote.’ below.  More creator videos rocking the vote are available on the YouTube homepage and the YouTube Politics channel.

Are you registered to vote yet?

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