6 Big Announcements From YouTube’s VidCon Keynote

By Megan O'Neill 

YouTube just finished up their Keynote at VidCon, complete with lots of exciting announcements. This year’s Keynote was majorly focused on YouTube creators and how the video site is working to increase subscribers and ad revenue, provide resources and more. We’ve compiled a list of some of the biggest announcements out of Anaheim this afternoon.

YouTube Space to launch in NYC

Last year at VidCon, YouTube announced that they’d be opening up production spaces in LA, London and Tokyo. Today they announced that YouTube Space New York is on the way. Over 300,000 creators have used the equipment and studios in LA, London and Tokyo that launched this year and these amazing benefits are coming soon to YouTubers on the East Coast.

YouTube Top Fans

Earlier this afternoon we posted about Top Fans – a new platform that will help creators engage with their most influential and engaged fans. You can try out the service at youtube.com/audience if you have at least 5,000 fans.

YouTube App will let you view and browse at the same time

One of the coolest announcements at the Keynote was a YouTube app update that will launch within the next few weeks on iOS and Android that will actually let you browse and watch at the same time. Shiva Rajaraman, Director, Product Managerment and Rushabh Doshi, Manager, Engineering demoed the app, showing how users will be able to do everything from look at channel pages, browse playlists and more while continuing to watch a video. Hooray for multi-tasking! Playlists will also auto-play on the new mobile app.

YouTube Live opening up to more creators

Rajaraman explained that “The hallmark of YouTube’s always been authenticity” and live, unscripted content is a great way for authenticity to shine though. For this reason, any user with over 100 subscribers will now be able to take advantage of YouTube’s Live platform.

Paid Channels opening up to more creators

Now any creator with 10,000 subscribers will be able to create paid channels.

Subscribers are booming

Over the past year, YouTube creators have seen a huge boom in subscribers. Last year at VidCon, the company started giving away Gold play buttons to creators with over 1 million subscribers. When they launched the program, 78 channels had over 1 million subscribers. Today, this number has grown to 325 channels!  Additionally, Doshi says, “The number of daily subscriptions to channels on youtube has gone up 4x in the last year.”

What’s your take on all this news? We’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below.