YouTube To Stream Live From The Republican & Democratic National Conventions, Starting Tonight

By Megan O'Neill 

Starting tonight at 8 pm ET, YouTube will be streaming live from the Republican National Convention.  The video site is the Official Live-Streaming Provider for both the Republican and Democratic National Conventions and will be bringing you an all-access pass to coverage of the events leading up to November’s election.

YouTube News and Politics Manager, Ramya Raghavan, writes on the YouTube blog, “The conventions have delivered some of the most memorable political speeches of the past few decades, like Sarah Palin’s notable hockey mom riff and Ann Richards’ 1988 straight talk.”

YouTube will be bringing you live streaming coverage at, including “all of the podium speeches and backstage action…including Mitt Romney’s acceptance speech on Thursday night.”

Raghvan continues, “Next week, starting September 4, we’ll give you an all-access pass to the Democratic National Convention in Charlotte, North Carolina. Once again, every night during prime-time, you’ll be able to turn to YouTube to see all of the speeches like President Obama’s live address from Bank of America Stadium on September 6.”

Aside from live streaming of the Democratic and Republican National Conventions, YouTube has launched a 2012 Elections Hub (also at where you can follow all the latest election news.  The Elections Hub features live and on-demand reporting and analysis from a number of different sources, including ABC News, Al Jazeera English, BuzzFeed, Larry King, The New York Times, Phil DeFranco, Univision and the Wall Street Journal.  Check out the video below to learn out more.

Will you be streaming the Republican or Democratic National Convention live from YouTube?

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