YouTube Stats To Be Factored in Klout Score

By Justin Lafferty Comment


Lithium Technologies’ Klout is a major way brands measure influencer power, and the system got a little stronger Tuesday with the addition of YouTube data.

Now, Klout takes into account YouTube stats, in addition to sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Instagram. Klout’s algorithm will include views, shares, and likes and dislikes on videos users and brands post to YouTube.

Sunil Rajasekar, Lithium Technologies CTO, commented on this addition in a press release:

If social media is going to continue to play a meaningful part in consumers’ lives, they need a method of cutting through the ever-increasing noise to reach the right content and the right people. This is the fundamental challenge our data science team is working to solve, and with the addition of YouTube to the Klout score we can now offer consumers even more accurate and well-rounded user profiles, and a more comprehensive map of the social web. Combined with topic expertise which we debuted in May, the YouTube addition makes the Klout Score more robust and meaningful than ever.

Klout profile

Changes to Klout scores will happen gradually over the next few weeks. More than 700 million social profiles are in Klout, which evaluates more than 400 signals from nine networks.