YouTube Launches Music App

By Justin Lafferty Comment


YouTube announced Thursday an app for music discovery: YouTube Music, available on iOS and Android.

Music videos are some of the most popular content on YouTube, and the app helps users find music from their favorite artists, as well as songs they might enjoy.

T. Jay Fowler, YouTube’s director of product management, blogged about the new app:

No matter where you start in the app, the music will never stop. Every song you play or artist you choose will take you on an endless journey through YouTube’s music catalog. A simple tap and you’re on your way, enjoying your favorite music and discovering new artists effortlessly. The home tab will recommend tracks just for you and create personalized stations based on your tastes.

The app also gives you complete access to one of the richest music catalogs on earth. You’ll be able to quickly find music videos, tracks, artists and albums, but you’ll also see all the remixes, covers, lyric videos and concert footage that YouTube has to offer.


The app is ad supported, but YouTube Red members will not see ads. YouTube Red subscribers also have the option to listen offline or switch between video and audio-only.

Readers: What do you think of the new app?