YouTube Now Lets You Create Interstitials To Turn Playlists Into Full-blown Shows

By Megan O'Neill 

YouTube playlists are a great way to compile similar videos into one easy-to-view place so your subscribers and viewers can discover more of your great content and you can give your videos more exposure.  Today, YouTube has announced a new feature that makes playlists even better—they’re giving creators an easy way to create interstitials (i.e. intros and outros between videos) to make playlists flow and become even more engaging.

YouTube software engineer Eric Lundberg writes on the YouTube Creator Blog, “We’ve noticed more and more playlists with interstitials between videos – short into or outro videos that recap the previous video and introduce the next one.  You’ve been using interstitials to weave individual videos together into a bigger story, and frankly, we’re impressed.”

In order to make it easier for creators to tell stories through their playlists, they’ve made it super easy to create these interstitials.  Instead of making them with your own video editing software and having to compress and upload them to YouTube, you can now shoot a video with your webcam or create a text interstitial directly from within a playlist.

How does it work?  Just create a playlist of your own videos or videos that you like on YouTube.  Then, from the Playlists section of the Video Manager click ‘Edit’ next to the playlist you’d like to add interstitials to.  Hover in between the videos you’d like to add an intro or outro too and click on the ‘+Introduction’ button that appears.  You can record something from your webcam or create a text introduction.  When you’re done, your interstitial will be uploaded to your account as an unlisted video and will play in the designated spot in your playlist.

Have you tried out the new interstitial feature in YouTube playlists?  We’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below.

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