YouTube Counts Down The Best Viral Videos Of 2010

By Megan O'Neill Comment

From double rainbows and bed intruders to men in towels and auto-tune, 2010 has given birth to some of the best viral videos of all time. YouTube is ending this amazingly viral year with a bang by counting down the 31 most memorable YouTube videos during the entire month of December. Which videos do you think will make the cut?

YouTube launched their annual New Year Countdown on the first of the month and they will be releasing a video a day for all 31 days of the month, culminating the ultimate list of the most memorable videos of 2010. So far, Freddie Wong, MysteryGuitarMan, and Greyson Chance have made the list and we’ve got 28 more videos to go in the countdown to number one.

#31: Flower Warfare – Psychadelic Action Scene

#30: Vevuzela Symphony

#29: Paparazzi: Lady Gaga covered by 11-year-old boy

Who else do you think will make the list of the most memorable videos of 2010? The Rent Is Too Damn High party? How about this dancing baby? My bet for the top two are Double Rainbow and Bed Intruder, of course, but personally my favorite viral video of 2010 was the ‘Naked Grandma’ Family Feud blooper. Unfortunately I don’t think it’s got enough views to make the list. Which has been your favorite viral video of 2010?