YouTube Announces January 16 Deadline for Becoming a YouTube Music Publisher

By Megan O'Neill 

Earlier this month we shared a post on how independent music artists are making money through viral video, specifically via the Vimeo Video Store.  These artists are primarily making money via commissioned projects coming out of their being discovered on Vimeo.  YouTube is doing something a little different, offering music publishers and songwriters the opportunity to make money from the use of their music in YouTube videos uploaded by their fans.

How does it work?  Basically, YouTube’s Content ID system identifies when someone uploads a video using the artist’s song. David King, Group Product Manager at YouTube, explains, “Our Content ID system, with input from our partners, allows us to identify these works among the hundreds of millions of videos on YouTube, whether the compositions appear in an original sound recording, or in a cover version uploaded by a fan.”  Then, instead of removing the soundtrack because of copyright violation, the song remains in place and an ad is put on the video.  The songwriter or music publisher then makes money via revenue share with YouTube.

YouTube first announced this opportunity back in August but they have now announced a January 16 deadline for music publishers to sign up for this offer. Information about the agreement and how to opt in can be found at  King writes, “By opting-in this week, music publishers will be creating a new and future revenue partnership, empowering both their fans’ creativity and their own musical endeavors.”

Music publishers—will you be opting in?  Everyone else—what do you think of this opportunity?

Image credit: Anna Paff via Shutterstock

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