Many Facebook Users Still Favor a Dislike Button (Poll)

By David Cohen Comment


Despite Facebook’s test of the Reactions extension of its like button, many users still favor a plain-old dislike button.

A survey by YouGov Omnibus found that while 64 percent of U.S. Facebook users approve of Reactions, 38 percent favored a dislike button, compared with 30 percent who chose the Reactions emoji.

YouGov Omnibus also found that:

  • The age group that was happiest about Reactions was 30 through 44, at 73 percent.
  • 32 percent of Facebook users believe Reactions will enhance their experience on the social network.
  • 18 percent felt that the new buttons would make them less likely to post about their personal lives.
  • 41 percent post about major happy life events, such as marriages and births, while 24 percent post about difficult life events, such as deaths or loss of jobs.

Readers: Should Facebook have launched a dislike button, or do you believe Reactions was the right move?