Facebook Gets In On Casual Sex Advertising

By Mary C. Long 

YouNeverKnowWhosIn650Just when you thought Facebook couldn’t possibly get sleazier than apps like Down, formerly known as Bang with Friends, we see another contender jumping into the casual sex game: Facebook itself! Yeah, time to up that user age to 18, parentals. Or something.

Have you caught this post (above) that Facebook has been promoting? Now, it doesn’t say anything sexual, but it sure as soup implies something frisky!

We won’t know who’s in until we ask, Facebook? In for some skinny dipping, maybe? And how is that different than asking if someone is “down” to do whatever (like bang with friends)? You never know till you ask, right? Who needs an application, Facebook seems to be saying — shout that stuff out to your friends! It’s all good.

And lots of people thought the same thing:


Maybe we’re all perverted — or maybe THIS would be the problem with a company being overpopulated by millennials.

Either way, dear lord, make it stop. Get a grandpa in there to toss some good sense around, please.

Readers: How did you take the ad? And do you think it’s a good direction for Facebook to take?