Russian Search Engine Yandex Reaches Deal To Access Facebook’s Firehose Of Public Data

By David Cohen 

YandexSearchBar650Russian search engine Yandex reached an agreement with Facebook, giving it access to the social network’s “firehose” of public data for the search engine’s users in Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan, other Commonwealth of Independent States countries, and Turkey.

Only content posted as public by users in the countries listed above will be available, including status updates, comments, and other posts, and content that Facebook users designate as private will not be included in search results from Yandex.

Facebook reached an agreement with Yandex in November 2010 to “provide Yandex with a syndication feed that gathers information about updates on its pages and profiles created to represent public figures, businesses, or organizations.”

However, relations between the two companies hit a speed bump last January, when Yandex released mobile application Wonder, which offered much of the same functionality as the social network’s then-new Graph Search, and Facebook pulled its data from Wonder a few hours after the app went live. Yandex pulled Wonder from the iTunes App Store a few days later.

Readers: Do you anticipate similar deals for access to Facebook’s firehose of public data?